Sherrill is co-founder of Physician's Way. She is passionate about health and fitness and doing everything possible to promote the success and education of each and every patient that we see at Physician's Way.

Sherrill is certified as a personal trainer, as well as in nutrition. As a patient success advocate and fitness coach, her personal background brings essential elements to the table which enhances the long-term success of our patients. She is passionate about fitness-based nutrition and is the author of ‘The 3 Hour Appetite Companion Cook Book. Patient motivation and development of successful, life-long habits are here main objectives where our patients are concerned.

A strong believer of eating ‘close to the earth,’ Sherrill is an avid ‘square-foot gardener’ who grows
many of her own herbs, plants and vegetables in an urban garden of her own design. She walks
her talk where fitness is concerned and places a premium daily exercise.

Sherrill is the driving force behind our Accountability Program and wants nothing more than the absolute best for each and every one of our patients.  She also heads up our In-Home Nutrition and Consult programs.  If what lies in your kitchen and pantry is preventing you from making the changes you need to make, so that you can progress and become the very best you that you can be, Sherrill is the person to call.  She understands how to bring out the best people and can design an In-Home Consult that changes your stagnant ‘dietary habits’ into the optimal nutrition and fuel that you need to help you change your body.