Here is what some of Doctor Kelley’s patients have to say about him.

“Do it! I am 32 and decided it was time for a real change. I had dieted and tried everything, and slowly got 10 pounds off over the period of 1 year. Well, when my Fiancé proposed to me, I decided to get some help. Boy, am I glad I did! I made an appointment, I met with Dr. Kelley and his wife, Sherrill, and they both helped me get on a program that was customized just for me. I exercise regularly now (love my chart, it really helps!), and eat 6 protein rich meals a day, so I am not hungry. I recommend if you have been saying “maybe tomorrow”, do it now. Nearly 20 lbs lighter for my big day, I am so happy I found Physician’s Way and the amazing team that works there.”


“I Love everything Physicians way has to offer! I live an hour away from their office and I don’t mind making the Commute to come visit! I have struggled my whole life with weight, and I’m only 20! I seriously have tried everything! I even tried some of the best selling weight loss products out there, such as Nutrisystem, and weight watchers! But they only lasted a short time! And I couldn’t seem to lose more than 10 pounds! Finally one weekend we went away to the coast and a friend told us about how her sister had been doing a weight loss program. And that was my turning point. I decided, what the heck, I am going to look up a doctor in Austin, and get the real Help and guidance I needed to finally get in shape! Thank god I found physicians way! I was borderline diabetic, and I had High Cholesterol, weighed 185, and a height of 5’2…AT 20 YEARS OLD!!! That’s awful! I have now made a life change! I work out all the time…and I enjoy it! I also eat much healthier and much less than what I really thought was a serving and I still get fulfilled! I have lost about 35 pounds and 3 pant sizes! I feel great! I am still working on my goal of 50 pounds…but I’d rather it come off slowly and STAY OFF!!! The staff and Doctor Kelly and Physicians way are very knowledgeable about everything health related and very supportive! I love that if I happen to go in for a visit and haven’t lost very much, they aren’t going to scold me, ( that would only make me not want to go back), they are just going to ask how you have been eating, and what we can maybe do to change it, so I can lose the weight! The best part about it all is that I can still eat everything I Want (in moderation)…even a snickers and a Dr. Pepper!”


“Having Trouble Getting Motivated? I have an answer. About two years ago I decided it was time for me to make a change in my appearance. I was not happy with my weight. So I began my journey in the weight loss world. I had set my goal to lose about 30 pounds. I was able to lose the first 10 pounds on my own. But as always, it becomes harder after those first few pounds. I decided I could use some help. I went to Physician’s Way. Through their help and guidance, I was able to reach my goal. Unfortunately, this past year I had some health issues which caused me to slip and I gained some weight back. I continued to go to Physician’s Way. Even though I had gained some weight back, they continued to provide excellent guidance and encouragement. They have never given up on me. I am happy to say that due to their “sticking by” me, I am now once again on my way to achieving my desired weight.
One of the great things about Dr. Kelley’s program is that I eat 6 small meals a day! I’m rarely hungry. You ask yourself, how can you lose weight eating every couple of hours? Well, I couldn’t believe it would work but if you eat the right foods (which he will go over with you), you will see results in the first week.

They are not about scolding if you gain weight back; they are about encouraging you and believing in you!!

If your desire is to lose the weight but just can’t get in the swing of things, go see Dr. Kelley, when you leave from his office you will be motivated!!

The greatest thing for me is that I have bonded with them and feel that I am blessed with a wonderful friendship! Thank you again to Dr. Kelley and his beautiful wife Sherrill and his great staff at Physician Way!”


“Stellar Results!!! I wasted over 5 years with diets and clinics and meds to no avail until I saw the Physician’s Way Weight Loss sign at the intersection of S. Lamar and Bluebonnet. The sign caught my eye – a slim figure with LARGE pants holding them out as if to say “meet my new image”. I thought “What do I have to lose” literally. I made the call and left my name and number but didn’t expect to get a call back…so soon! The friendly receptionist took time to answer my questions and I made an appointment. I didn’t really hold much hope – one question put to me at the first appointment was “Why are you here?” Bluntly I said “I’m miserable”. By the time I left my first appointment and all the cheerleading of the staff saying ‘you can do this’ I felt more inspired than any other attempts to diet and exercise. Dr. Kelley’s motto for his program was to eat lean, clean and green and at least walk every day if you can’t make it to a workout facility. Sounded too easy but after just a couple of weeks following his program and with the help of some very safe supplements I was well on my way and I’m not stopping for anything. I’m not hungry and don’t have the old cravings that crashed my attempts before. I have lost 25lbs and hope to lose more to finally get to my ideal weight and body mass index. It seems like a miracle and I have told so many others struggling to please try this system – just do it! – go see Dr. Kelley. His system works!”


“SCORE!!! I was pushing the heaviest I have ever been in my life. Struggling with my weight where it just went up and down I had pretty much just called it quits, until a friend had mentioned this place to me…

I was a bit hesitant and nervous about coming here at first. After the first couple of minutes in the office I was put at ease. Speaking with the team 1 by 1 was just so comforting, and not so “scary and judgmental” as I had expected.

Dr. Kelley is very understanding and very informative in his advice and his answers. From “why” to “what will this do”, all my questions were answered and he made sure that it was to my understanding. He is very informative and just easy to talk to. His wife Sherrill is quite amazing, as well. Seeing her and speaking with her every week (during weigh-ins) is great! I am always at ease and never hesitant to talk about how my week is going. The ease that I feel starts from the second I walk in, to the second I walk out.

I have to say, this has been one of the BEST decisions I have made in my life. As of now it has been just about a month since I’ve started seeing the team- I have lost 23lbs with the advice and motivation given to me. I am very pleased with the results and anticipate continuing to come here. I see results and feel that I am a walking example of what the team here can do. I will continue to tell my friends about Dr. Kelley and his team, and how AMAZING they are and what a pleasure it has been to see them and talk with them.”


I had struggled with those 10 or so pounds ever since the birth of our children when I was in my mid-thirties.  I didn't really diet, but I exercised and worked out with cardio and weights on a regular basis. If I did “diet,” I would quit after about 2 days if I didn't lose the 10 pounds!  A few years back I had a series of foot surgeries and I was not able to work out like I used to.  Those extra 10 pounds turned into an extra 25! 

In July of 2010, I turned 50 and thought I was doing OK, health-wise.  I went to my doctor for a physical and she told me that she would have to put me on cholesterol medicine soon if I could not reduce my levels through diet and exercise.  I have had high cholesterol all of my life due to genetics, but always had good “ratios” due to exercise.  Apparently, the health risks of high cholesterol in women increase substantially after menopause.  I wanted to avoid having to take cholesterol medication.  I had known a few people that had a hard time with the statin drugs. 

During that summer of 2010, I saw “The Picture,” on my daughter's Facebook, no less!  I looked round!  I had not noticed, but I had put on equal amounts of weight everywhere!  First I thought, well, I am 50.  What can people expect of me?  Then I thought, it is now or never   Do something now or go down that path towards obesity and all its' related health risks, and never turn back. 

I googled weight loss in Austin and I found many positive reviews for Physician's Way, and the team: Dr. Kelley, Sherrill and Neysha!  I called and after talking with Neysha, who was knowledgeable and caring, I decided to give it a try.  I especially liked that I was required to get blood work done first.  It wasn't just about the weight and my appearance, but my overall health was a large concern. 

I made my first appointment and visited the clinic several days after my blood draw.   In addition to the elevated cholesterol, I was surprised that my glucose was a little high.  Dr. Kelley told me I might be pre-diabetic!  So, with all of the bravado I could muster, I announced to Dr. Kelley that I was going to be his weight loss poster child!  I left with an eating plan, supplements and a box of quality protein bars that are out of this world!  I enlisted the help of my friend, a local fitness trainer, who came over and got me on my way to an exercise program.

One of the best pieces of advice he gave me was to eat as many grams of protein a day as my desired weight.  That was 120 grams of protein per day for me.  Dr. Kelley suggested that I eat between 1000 and 1200 calories a day.  I ate about four, 250 calorie meals a day and a snack at bedtime, usually a protein bar.  I ate egg white omelets with fat free cheese, lean meat, and fish, lots of vegetables and fruit and protein bars for a treat!  I cooked normally for my family, but left off the starch for me.  I ate no bread, rice or potatoes and very little pasta.   Before long, I was craving Asian salmon and beets instead of my beloved mashed potatoes!  I was eating to fuel my body.  It was easy for me to be neurotic!  I carefully wrote in my journal everything I ate, its protein and calorie content, the water I drank and all of the exercise I did.  I had tried to journal before but I was never good at it.  This time it was easy.  I was a lot neurotic, in a good way, of course!   

A good aspect of this program for me was the option to go in every week, and see Dr. Kelley once a month.  I didn't have to, but I wanted to win and the weekly visits kept me honest and on track.  I always got encouragement and enjoyed talking with Sherrill and Neysha.  Neysha has the best taste in protein bars and her favorites have become mine: peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter and jelly and caramel crunch!  Sherrill was always so supportive, motivating and inspirational to me.

My results were immediate!  I lost 6 pounds in the first week, then nothing for days.  This was the time in a diet that I would usually quit.  Sherrill assured me that my body needed to adjust, that I could not lose 6 pounds every week and that I should give my body time and stay the course.  After that, the weight came off steadily.

I started at the end of August and by Christmas; I had met and exceeded my weight loss goal of 26 pounds.   In fact, I lost close to 30 pounds.  I had to get all new clothes.  I became a size 2, down from a size 8!  I actually enjoy shopping for clothes now.   The best result was that my total cholesterol dropped 40 points, my triglycerides went down 53 points, my HDL (good cholesterol) went up 19 points to 92, my LDL (bad cholesterol) was still elevated, but down 31 points, and my ratio went from 2.48 to 1.63.  Less than 3.22 is the expected range.  My glucose was no longer elevated.  I was very pleased with the whole result, and how good I feel to this day! 

It has been about one year since I first started down this road.  I have maintained my weight loss and my healthy lifestyle. I continue to exercise, but sadly, I can no longer participate in my favorite exercise, which is running, due to foot problems.  As a result, I had to adjust my habits and my thinking.  I had to be willing to make all necessary changes in order to maintain my desired results.  I have discovered mountain biking and have a BORING ski machine, but it does the trick for cardio and makes my legs pretty cut!   I lift more weight, more often.  I am now concentrating on building more lean muscle.  I have feasted a time or two on those less than healthy foods, especially on vacation.  When I do however, it is the exception and not the rule.  I continue to weigh myself regularly, and know when it is time to tighten up a bit.  I never want it to get away from me again.  I have gained a few and lost a few over the year, but always know that I can check back in to Physicians Way for a maintenance check or evaluation.  It is my way of being able to stay the course through accountability.

Thank you Dr. Kelley, Sherrill and Neysha for your education, support and encouragement and most of all for making it your life's work to get people like me fit and healthy!  Sincerely, Maggie….Dripping Springs,  TX